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RMT Guidelines

Post by Maple_Syrupp on 28.04.09 20:13

Guidelines For Posting An RMT

An RMT is
designed to enable an individual to share his or her pokemon team with
other pokemon players. This can be for a number of reasons; Either the
person thinks the team is bad and definitely needs improvement, or it's
good but could still improve, or it's just awesome and you want to
share it with others. Remember, two heads are usually better than one.

posting your RMT's please keep and mind that the people rating your
team are doing you a favor. The least you can do is make your RMT
presentable to the person rating. Here are a few guidelines that you
can follow to make the RMT process more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Make your format readable. If the format is messy and causes people to
have headaches you are not likely to receive any help. Here is a sample
format that you can use:

Pokemon @ Item
EVs: (Please include the numbers. Do not post things like "EV'd in Attack and Defense")
- move
- move
- move
- move

Keep in mind that this is an example and it isn't set in stone but it makes your post much easier to read.

You should include pictures. This isn't necessary but it definitely
makes your thread look cleaner and more enjoyable to read.

Under every pokemon, you should comment and leave your opinion of that
pokemon for everyone to read. This helps any rater understand your
reasoning behind that pokemon.

4. Use good grammar. It doesn't have to be great, but it definitely helps if everyone understands what you mean.

No flaming. When you post a team you have to realize that people will
be criticizing you. If you cannot take constructive criticism then you
have no business posting a team. You can explain to people why you are
using a certain set etc, just do not flame people for it. The only way
for your team to get better is by having ideas thrown around in this
fashion so it is okay to disagree with somebody. Just do not go all out
on that person.

6. If you want to, additional features such as
colors, bolded or underlined words or other images are always welcome
and improve the quality of your RMT. This isn't necessary but it is
important to remember to have fun writing your RMT. If you're not going
to have fun writing it then you really should not waste your time.


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