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EV Training Help

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Table of Contents
What are EVs
Vitamins (A must read for all beginners)
Pokerus (Another must read)
Quick List of Best Places to Train EVs
The VS Seeker: How to Get it and How It Works
Training HP Evs
Training Attack EVs
Training Defense EVs
Training Special Attack EVs
Training Special Defense EVs
Training Speed Evs
Split EV Training
How to Get Power Items: The Quickest Way
What Are EVs?

EV is short for Effort Value. You get effort values every time you gain experience from a pokemon. (This includes EXP share.)

For every 4 EV points you have in a particular stat, you gain one extra point in that stat at level 100.

example, lets say for our purposes that if you got a Magikarp to level
100 using just Rare Candies, thus gaining no EVs, you would have an
attack of 60. However if you had the same Magikarp gain 4 EVs in
attack, once he is level 100 he would have an attack of 61, instead of
an attack of 60.)

In all statistics combined, you may have a total of 510 Evs. This means you can gain up to 127 points overall.

each individual statistic however, you may only have 255 EVs (Though
you will only gain stat points up to 252 EVs). This means you can gain
up to 63 extra points, in any given statistic.

For those of
you who are not fond of math, this means you can have 2 stats maxed out
and have an extra point left over. (If you cared to know.)

There is no way to tell how many EVs you have directly. There are a few ways, however, that you may indirectly check.

the Market in Sunyshore City there is a lady who gives a ribbon to the
first pokemon in your party if it is completely EV trained. If your
Pokemon can get the ribbon from this lady, it has all 510 EV points

There are berries you may feed your Pokemon that
decrease your EV points. These berries work differently than they did
in the Advance generation. The first berry reduces the base stat to
100. After the base stat is at least 100, the EV is reduced by 10 for
every berry you give it. You cannot achieve negative EVs, thus this is
a good indirect way to check what a pokes EVs are.


are a key part of the EV training process, as they can make your
training session go by much faster. You will find that vitamins are
exceptionally useful in training EVs 100 points, or lower.

Vitamins can be bought at the Veilstone department store for $9,800 each, or at the Battle Tower for one point.

For each vitamin you give a Pokemon, it gives it 10 EVs in that stat.

You may get up to 100 EVs this way.

may only use this for the first 100 EVs in any given stat. (For
example, you give your Garchomp 110 Attack EVs and then remember you
haven’t used vitamins. Since you already have 100 attack EVs, you will
not be able to gain any more through vitamins)

Here is a Quick List of Vitamins

HP-UP – Hit-Points
Protein – Attack
Iron – Defense
Calcium – Special Attack
Zinc – Special Defense
Carbos – Speed

Remember to always use these before you go EV training.


is a "disease" your pokemon develop randomly while walking
around/battling. The first time you have it the lady in the Pokecenter
will tell you when you go to get your Pokemon healed.

The other
way to see if you have Pokerus is to check the top left corner of the
screen when you are looking at the summary of your pokemon. If it has
active Pokerus there will be a small purple box reading Pkrs. If it has
unactive pokerus you will see a small circle with a red dot in the
middle, near the bottom left hand corner.

Active Pokerus is held
by your pokemon for 3 days before it becomes unactive. However for time
to pass on the "Pokerus clock", your pokemon must be in your party, not
in a box.

While your Pokemon has active Pokerus it will spread
it to all the other pokemon in your party. This happens randomly while
you're walking around and stuff. If your pokemon is in a box, it will
not spread its Pokerus.

Now that we know what Pokerus is, how it spreads, and how to tell if you have it, we will discuss what it does.

Plain and simple, Pokerus doubles the total EVs you gain after a battle. This is calculate after factoring in all power items.

example, say you fight a Gyarados while wearing a Power Bracer. This
would give you the base 2 EVs + the 4 EVs from the Bracer, totaling out
at 6 EVs. If the pokemon that fainted the Gyardos had Pokerus, it would
gain double the total EVs, giving it 12 EVs from fighting a single

Quick List of Best Places to Train EVs

This is
just a quick list. More detailed information will be held later in the
guide. I mention the VS Seeker in this list. If you do not know what
this is or how it works, I have compiled a quick guide on it below this

HP - West of Pastoria city in the water, on Route 212, you
will run into Woopers. Give one base HP EV each. Rarely you will see
Quagsires, that give 2 EVs each. Combined both of these monsters have a
100% encounter rate.

If you are using the VS Seeker, on Route
209 there is a great place to train. There is a girl at the top of the
sand, her name is Cowgirl Shelly. She owns 5 Bidoofs, that give 1 HP EV

Attack - Route 229 fishing with a Super Rod. Fishing here will net you a Gyarados every time. Gives 2 base attack EVs.

You may also fish in Twinleaf Town, where you encounter Seaking. These fish give 2 attack EVs each.

Defense - Ruin Maniac Cave. Walking around you will encounter Geodudes and Hippotas. Both give 1 base EV in defense each.

Attack – In the resort area there is a small pool you may surf in to
encounter Golduck 100% of the time. Gives 2 base EV points each.

Old Chateau is also a good place to train. Here you will find Gastlys
that give 1 EV each. if you have a GBA Pokemon game in your DS you will
run into Haunters and Gengars as well. These spectres give 2 and 3
special attack EVs each, respectively.

Special Defense – Off the
water in Sunyshore city. You will see Tentacruel 60% of the time that
give 2 Special Defense EVs each. Rarely you will see Mantykes, that
give 1 EV each.

You may also surf the water in Pastoria city. Here you will always run into Tentacools that give 1 special defense EV each.

– Up on the ledges near the Survival Area. (Head east of Survival area
and use rock climb to access.) You will encounter Fearows and
Raticates, both of which give 2 speed EVs each. Rarely you will see
Rattatas and Spearows, both of which give 1 base EV each.

If you
are using the VS Seeker, on Route 205 east of Eterna City you will find
a bunch of fishermen. Challenge the second one from the right,
Fisherman Andrew. He has six Magikarp that give 1 Speed EV each.

The VS Seeker

You get this item on Route 207 from Dawn. (Or Lucas if you are a girl.)

nifty gadget allows you to re-fight trainers you have challenged
before. Simply select it and it will tell you all the trainers in the
area who wish to battle. After you use it you must walk 100 steps for
it to recharge.

I suggest that you make good use of the VS Seeker, because it can make EV training a lot easier for you.

Training HP EVs

is one of the simplest EVs to train. The best place to train HP is west
of Pastoria City, on Route 212. You will see a small body of water,
which you can hope on in and surf on. In this water you will see
Woopers which give one point each, and Quagsires which give 2 points
each. Together they both have a 100% encounter rate, though Woopers are
far more common.

I suggest only training on the Wooperd. This is
for the pure simplicity of calculations, because when using power items
the Woopers always give an EV amount divisible by 5.

you may use the VS Seeker to repeatedly challenge a girl on Route 209
named Cowgirl Shelly. She has 5 Bidoofs which give 1 HP EV each. She is
a great alternative place.

Training Attack EVs

attack is simpler than HP training, it requires more attention. The
best place to train attack EVs is East of the Fight Area, or West of
the resort area (Easier this way) on route 229. Here with your Super
Rod you may fish for Gyarados, which appear 100% of the time you
actually get a catch. These water snakes give you a generous 2 EV
points each.

Another good place to fish is Twinleaf Town. Here you can encounter Seakings, which give 2 EV points in attack each.

realize some people have issues getting the rod to work, so here is
exactly how to do it. I suggest that you first assign the Super Rod to
your Y-Button. After you have done this, press your Y-Button, while
standing next to the water, and pay attention to the screen. When you
see the exclamation point above your characters head, quickly tap the A
Button once. You do not have to have super reflexes to get this right,
though you do need to be paying attention.

Training Defense EVs

best place to do this is in the Ruin Maniacs cave. This is outside of
where you catch the Unknown, the tunnel you actually find the guy in.

you will find primarily Geodudes, though Hippotas are not completely
uncommon. Each of these guys give 1 EV point each for defense. The low
level of these creratures make defense EV training much simpler than it
might seem at first.

Training Special Attack

The best
place to train this is in the Resort Area. In this small little town
you will find a small pool of water near the bottom right-hand corner
of the town. In this pool of water you may surf, and find Golducks.
These guys give a generous 2 EV points for everyone you faint. On top
of that, they are a 100% encounter rate.

Another place you may train special attack is in the Old Chateau, though it is only worth it if you have a GBA Pokemon game.

you will find Gastlys that give 1 special attack EV each. If you have a
GBA game inserted into your DS, you will also encounter Haunter and
Genagr. These guys give 2 and 3 special attack EVs respectively.

Training Special Defense

stat is almost always easier to train if you use the Split EV training
method explained below. Thankfully though, not many things need special
defense EVs.

The best place to train this stat, is North of
Sunyshore city. Once you’ve flown there, head North until you find
Jasmine, the Steel Type Gym Leader from GSC who gives you the HM. Now,
swim out into the water. Here you will find, Tentacruels. They are a
60% encounter rate. You will occasionally run into Mantykes, who gives
1 Special Defense EV each.

An alternative and possibly better
place to train is in Pastoria City. East of the Move Tutors's home you
will see a pool of water. If you surf in here you will encounter
Tentacools which give 1 special defense EV each. This is a 100%

Training Speed

The best way is using the
Versus Seeker. On Route 205, you will find many fishermen fishing. (You
get to Route 205 by exiting Eterna City via the eastern exit.)
Challenege the second fisherman from the right, Fisherman Andrew. He
has 6 Magikarps that give 1 Speed EV each.

There is however
another good training area. You will find the training area east of the
Survival area. Head east of the Poke center until you find a place you
can rock climb. Climb up, and you are on the ledges.

Here you
will find Fearows and Raicates, both of which give 2 speed Ev points
each. You also (Though much more rarely) find their pre-evolved forms,
Rattata and Spearow, who offer 1 EV point each.

The reason EV
training here is not as effective as fighting Fisherman Andrew, is the
lack of a 100% encounter rate. You will find that Golduck and Machoke
are farily commonly found here. Though this makes the location inferior
to Fisherman Andrw, it is still a good place to train.

Training Split EVs

EV training is a method you may employ if you find training any given
stat too difficult. It is not always pratical, however, for you must
train two EVs at once to use this method.

To train split EVs you must be in possesion of one or more power items, depending upon which stat you wish to train.

EV training is when you attach a Power Item to your pokemon that gains
it different EVs than the monster you are fighting. (For example,
attaching a Power Band to your Pokemon while killing Geodudes, so you
gain 1 Defense and 4 Special Defense EVs for every Geodude you kill.)

don't know what else to say on this, except be very careful when using
this method. It can be much more complicated to keep track of your EVs
gained, and thus it is easy to mess up.

Getting the Power Items

items are items that can be held by your Pokemon. These things increase
the EVs you receive at the end of a battle, by four. What stat they
raise depend on which item it is.

All of the power items are obtained by purchasing them at the Battle Tower Gift Shop.

Each of the items cost 16 BP each, and there are 6 to buy. A set will cost you 96 BP.

List of the Items
Power Weight - Helps HP Growth
Power Bracer - Helps Attack Growth
Power Belt - Helps Defense Growth
Power Lens - Helps Special Attack Growth
Power Band - Helps Special Defense Growth
Power Anklet - Helps Speed Growth


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