Rules for Tournament

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Rules for Tournament

Post by drake_fake44 on 30.08.08 12:15

this forum is for hosting tournaments for the community. Now to start off, I must explain that there are two different types of tournaments that will be hosted on Chimchar: Official tournaments and non-official tournaments. What is the difference? The difference is, that official tournaments are ones that are hosted by the administrators, and winning them will allow you to get a chance at being the "Tournament Champion", a rank we bestow on the best player. Non-official tournaments are not hosted by the admins and you cannot attain Tournament Champion status from them.

That being said, there are certain rules for both hosters of the tournaments and the participants as well, which will be delineated now:

1. You must gain the consent of an administrator before hosting the tournament
2. You must actively run the tournament and make sure that the battles are running as planned and are finished by a certain date
3. You must set up brackets, preferably at this site:, for the tournament.
4. You do not have to choose prizes for a tournament but it is recommended.
5. Tournaments MUST have at least 8 people signed up to run
6. You cannot join the tournament

1. If you decide to sign up for a tournament, YOU MUST BE ACTIVELY PARTICIPATING. Don't decide to join the tournament and not plan to play at all. This ruins the point of the tournament and also causes delays. So please be sure that if you sign up for a tournament that you stick to it.
2. When you sign up, leave your name, and Friend Code in a post so that the hoster does not have to search for it
3. Report results of the tournament in the Tournament thread so the hoster can update the brackets

As for how the Tournament Champion is going to be chosen, The winner of the first Official tournament will automatically be chosen as the Champion, and all subsequent champions of Official tournaments will have to challenge the Champion for his spot. If he does not win, the original champion retains the spot, but if he wins, he becomes the new Tournament Champion.

Those are the general rules for any tournament. I recommend that all of you participate in the Official tournaments, as you have the chance at getting a rank "Tournament Champion"

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