Roulette Battling

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Roulette Battling

Post by drake_fake44 on 30.08.08 12:09

Roulette battling is a new way to battle that is completely random and fun. Here's how it works:

1) Organize your battle worthy (EV'd, IV bred) pokes into a box or consecutive boxes. Then total up how many you have and say that number to your opponent.

2) You and your opponent will then call out six random numbers between one and however many pokemon they said they have. (1-??) It is nice if you have at least 25-30 pokes to use so you get some variation.

3) The pokemon you will use in the battle, will be based off of the numbers your opponent randomly chooses. You MUST use the pokemon your opponent selects in that order.
ex) If your opponent calls the number four out then you would go to your first box and count four pokemon over from
the top left of the box. Always start with the top left of the box and count left to right.

4) Get those pokemon together in the correct order, note that you can use any item on the pokes, those are not restricted.

5) Battle Rules will be the standard forum rules/clauses. The only exception is species clause will be off.

This type of battling requires HONESTY. Don't cheat and pick the pokemon you want... I think that we could do this and do it well.

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