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Pokemon Natures

Post by drake_fake44 on 30.08.08 11:47

Nature's affects the growth rate of two stats, increasing one stat by 10% and decreasing another stat by 10%. There are five natures, though, that have no effect on the Pokémon's stat growth.
The type of Nature also determines what poffin flavor the Pokémon likes and dislikes.

Nature Increased Stat Decreased Stat Favorite Flavor Disliked Flavor
Hardy ------ ------ ------ ------
Loney Attack Defense Spicy Sour
Brave Attack Speed Spicy Sweet
Adamant Attack Sp. Attack Spicy Dry
Naughty Attack Sp. Defense Spicy Bitter
Bold Defense Attack Sour Spicy
Docile ----- ----- ----- -----
Relaxed Defense Speed Sour Sweet
Impish Defense Sp. Attack Sour Dry
Lax Defense Sp. Defense Sour Bitter
Timid Speed Attack Sweet Spicy
Hasty Speed Defense Sweet Sour
Serious ----- ----- ----- -----
Jolly Speed Sp. Attack Sweet Dry
Naďve Speed Sp. Defense Sweet Bitter
Modest Sp. Attack Attack Dry Spicy
Mild Sp.Attack Defense Dry Sour
Quiet Sp. Attack Speed Dry Sweet
Bashful ----- ----- ----- -----
Rash Sp. Attack Sp. Defense Dry Bitter
Calm Sp. Defense Attack Bitter Spicy
Gentle Sp. Defense Defese Bitter Sour
Sassy Sp. Defense Speed Bitter Sweet
Careful Sp. Defense Sp. Attack Bitter Dry
Quirky ----- ----- ----- -----

i am sorry for the way it looks right now i will post a better 1 later hope this helps

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