Ev Training Hot Spots

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Ev Training Hot Spots

Post by drake_fake44 on 30.08.08 11:33

~Shellos at Valley Windworks north of ignore the Buizel (+1 each)
~Gastrodons at Fuego Ironworks or Route 213 ignore Floatzel (+2 each)
~Gastrodons outside of Pal Park (+2 each)
~Woopers and Quagsires West of Pastoria (Wooper 1) (Quagsire 2)

~Kricketune and Bidarel at route 212 (rainy route) (+2 each)
~Bibarels and Machop (2 EVs and 1 EV respectively) Route 208
~Machokes and Snovers at Acuity Lakefront (2 Evs and 1 EV respectively)

~Cave with Geodudes and Hippopotas off route 214 (+1 each) (Ruin Maniac's Cave)
~Onix and Gravelers on Iron Island in the second room ignore Golbats (+1 Onix) (+2 Gravelers)
~Geodudes and Onix in the first room (Oreburgh Mines) (+1 each)

Special Attack:
~Gastly at the Old Chateau in Eterna Forest (+1 each) (Haunters +2) (Gengars +3)
*Need GBA Game in GBA slot and National Pokedex for Haunters and Gengars*
~Golducks surfing in the water at the Resort Area (+2 each)

Special Defense:
~Surfing any ocean/sea area for Tentacools (+1each)
*North of 8th gym town has been good ignore Pellipers* (Mantykes +1)

~Raticates and Fearows Northwest of the Fight Area (+2 each) *name?*
~Zubats in a cave (+1 each)
~Golbats in Victory Road (in water, you only find Golbats) (+2 each)

trainer in basic training
trainer in basic training

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