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Post by drake_fake44 on 30.08.08 11:22

There are many things to look for that may say whether the pokemon is hacked or Action Replayd or anything.

1) look what ball they are in, a starter in a MASTER ball is impossible therefore it is either hacked or action replayd.

2) look at where they are caught, I mean a Palkia caught in route 203 or something like that? it's impossible

3) look at the level and whether it was an egg or not, as you all know many legendaries and such cannot breed.

4) Look at the stats many of you may know or may not know about EV training but at any rate you can only have 2 stats maxed out, go to serebii.net and go to D/P pokedex find the pokemon you got and go all the way to the bottom and look at their level and such and look at the stats to make sure.

5) this isn't a tip but just in general many people that trade using GTS have hacked pokemon so you might wanna go check it out before you use it. Believe me it's happened to me at least 20 times.

6) If you wanna know but dont understand all that I've said trade it to me and I will have a look at it.

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